Body Screening/Medical Screening Thermo Cameras in Malaysia

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Infrared thermal imaging temperature \ Security \ Quick \ Temperature Warning System Rapid detection of human body temperature passing through. Stopping is not necessary. Connection monitoring functions : Instantly synchronized display of the thermal imager like the picture on the PC screen . When the thermal imager to detect more than a high temperature : with two different warning sound , you can set the body fever warning sound and warning sound outside fever over the body ( such as hot coffee and hot food ... etc) . Flashing red warning , digital temperature display characters , a warning sound from the PC speaker . Thermal imaging screen automatically according to date for the file name is automatically saved every minute JPG files.

BASIC SYSTEM THERMO CAMERA FOR HUMAN BODY TEMPERATURE DETECTION Measure: *Easy to use. Good Accuracy. 1 year warranty. For advanced model, see CHC102A. CHC102B epidemic rapid temperature detection system Infrared thermal imaging temperature \ Security \ quick \ temperature warning Rapid detection of people traveling , do not have to stop More than a few meters distance temperature measurement Avoid close infection